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Restaurant websites and apps for your business

If your business does not benefit from Online Ordering, Trendplate can create custom built websites and apps instead.

Drawing on our experience with building Online Ordering apps, we can provide advice for any restaurant website or app.

What we offer

See below for a list of products that we can offer your business.

  • Custom restaurant websites and apps
  • Email templates
  • Design templates for social media posts and ads
  • Online Ordering
  • Booking Platforms
  • Vouchers and Referral Programs

We also offer the following services:

  • Digital design
  • Website and app development
  • Social plugin setup
  • Third party integration
  • Social media setup

After something else? We provide technical advice on your next project too!

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Not all restaurant websites are the same – get the right website designed and built for your business

The features and functions on your website or app may be the same as your competitors.

It’s the unique characteristics of your business is what needs to stand out from your competition.

When planning and creating your website, we look at:

  • brand personality,
  • restaurant objectives
  • target market
  • budget

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Not quite ready to build a restaurant website or app yet?

We have prepared a mini-guide below to help you plan for the best outcomes for your next website.

Action / write down as much as you can before you engage with a web developer or agency. They will appreciate it!

A mini guide to planning a website

Planning of a website requires a lot to do. We’ve prepared a mini-guide below to help.

The below guide only scratches the surface. Though the guide is geared towards restaurants, take away restaurants, food trucks and cafes follow the same principles.

Contact us if you have any questions. Even if you need us as a second opinion. We won’t be worried that you aren’t engaging with us, we want you to get the best results.

Preparing a website for restaurant, take-away shop or food truck

We recommend the following:

  • Domain Name – register one before you start your website
  • Social Media Accounts – register accounts as soon you have a name in mind
  • Logo Design – it will help start the design phase

The following will help your project move forward:

  • Menu
  • Target Customers
  • Email Address
  • Business Phone Number
  • Location(s)
  • Budget
  • Schedule and Deadlines

Goals & objectives: Working out how the perfect website will help your business

Write a list of business goals and objectives. Then consider how will your website help meet the goals.

Listing objectives upfront means that you will be able to measure the return of investment in the short and long term.

When goals & objectives aren’t enough for your website and beyond – engaging in a Digital Strategy

Your business requirements and project budget may suit an overall digital strategy instead.

In short, a digital strategy is an overall business approach with your assets working together to provide an overall customer experience.

An example: A social media ad prompting you to make a booking and viewing that in your point of sale system.

Digital strategy specifics can be detailed and customised to your business.

Trendplate can advice on an overall digital strategy. However we recommend working with a full-service digital agency on digital strategy.

We can also work with full-service digital agencies on the technical aspects of a digital strategy.

The trick behind setting your objectives and goals is to keep them short and measurable. If the objectives are generic, the more likely your budget will blow out.

Also consider if your or your team can manage the objectives on an on-going basis. Do you want the website to just sit in the background or do you want to allocate resources to manage the website?

Example: A targeted objective

We would like people who click on our website from our social posts to view our menu

  • Viewing the menu is quite a common function
  • We can easily target the social posts to link to the menu on the website

Example: A generic objective

We would like everybody that’s hungry to find our website to make a booking

  • Your restaurant will not cater to everybody. Targeting dietary requirements, personal preferences, location are all very generic (and expensive!) to target
  • It is unrealistic to expect all website visitors to book just by visiting the website

Make a list of as many objectives as possible.

Don’t expect all objectives will be met from the get-go.

You can still work on meeting the objectives are the website is launched.

Choosing Features & Functions

Most website and app projects would usually start discussions at this stage.

Listing features before objectives can fall into the trap of incorrect priorities. Therefore, you may not get the best value for your budget.

Examples of functionality not matching objectives:

  • Table bookings for a take away restaurant.
  • Catering order form for a fine dining restaurant.
  • Sliding image gallery on a mobile website before being able to view the food menu.
  • Weekly Specials that isn’t visible on the website because the website couldn’t be easily updated.

Think about the goals and objectives when choosing restaurant website features and functions.

Examples of features & functionality chosen to objectives:

Features / Functions

We want our customers to be able to place take away orders easily

Online Ordering

When nearby customers search for our website, we want them to be able to view our happy hour specials


Editable Menu & Specials

We want to promote weekly happy hour specials to our mailing list

Mailing List


Mobile App

Showcase our dining experience with our private function rooms

Photo / Video Gallery

Booking / Enquiry Form

Give customers the ability to provide quick feedback to prevent negative reviews showing up in uncontrollable third parties

Feedback Form

Mailing List Collection

Booking Form

Setup a loyalty / rewards program to encourage repeat customers

Feedback Form

Mailing List Collection

Booking Form

You don’t have to go in depth with features and functions. If you feel that you don’t have the budget for a feature, we can always explore alternatives.

To save costs, Trendplate has also built re-usable functionality that can be easily integrated and customised to your restaurant website.

Target Audience

Identifying your (target) customer will be key to determining how your website will be designed and presented.

For example:
A simple design with a quick loading mobile menu will suit a food truck, but won’t work for a fine dining restaurant.

When identifying your target audience for a new or existing business, consider the following:

  • Local regular customers or destination restaurant
  • Quick service restaurants or degustation.
  • Family and dog friendly pub or dress code restaurant.

There’s no hard rule with the detail of target audience. Every detail with a target audience will have different purposes.

Simple Competitor Analysis

Having a competitor analysis will provide a benchmark of what to expect from your restaurant website or app. The expectations can be low or high.

Find a list of websites that you like or think would suit your business and add a simple reason to why you like them.

For Example: – easy to access menu, simple design

When doing a competitor analysis, your website does not have to be better than your competitors website.

If your website can do enough to get the customer to visit your store, the quality of your customer experience will do the rest.

Engaging with Trendplate

If you’ve managed to do the research and planning with the above guide, well done! You have gone a very long way with preparing your business for a website.

If not, we understand the time restraints of being a business owner can be restrictive. If you need assistance, Trendplate can also help with your research planning.

We are here to help with your website, regardless of your budget, restaurant size or business. We will be able to advise you on how to go about getting your restaurant website built.

Contact Us to discuss your next project, request a quote and/or meeting.


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