Online ordering solutions

Live orders for pick up

Pre-orders for catering

Customers order from your website or app

The online ordering process starts with your customers ordering from your brand - not Trendplate or any third-party. Payments are also taken up front to save your staff time.

How do I setup a Trendplate online store?

Trendplate can build you a custom website and/or app for your shop to start accepting online orders.

If your business has an existing website, we can customise it to plug in to the Trendplate online ordering system.

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Online orders appear on the Trendplate app

Online orders start appearing on the Trendplate app in real time for your kitchen to process.

How do I get the Trendplate app?

If you have a Trendplate online store, download the app into your own device (tablet preferred) and log in to start accepting online orders.

Depending on your requirements, the Trendplate app can be customised to your business needs. Contact us to discuss custom solutions.

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Prepare, notify and serve

Once you receive your online orders, you can (optionally) provide automated estimates and notifications to your customers so that they know when to expect their orders.

The whole ordering process is completed with minimal staff waiting time, which lets your business concentrate on preparing meals.

How is Trendplate different?

  • The Trendplate app is a semi-shared platform - creating branded online ordering solutions can be done at a fraction of the time and cost.
  • We're flexible! - even though our app (that receives online orders) is shared, we can still customise it to work for your business.
  • Trendplate branding is not actively promoted (and intrusive) to end-customers - they can be confident that they are dealing with your business
  • Trendplate is a managed platform, so your business is supported by our team.

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Do you run a take-away restaurant or food truck and are interested in an online ordering solution?

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