Leveraging a shared platform to create an effective online ordering solution

A common software development dilemma is deciding whether to

  • go with an existing platform (lower cost, less control) or
  • build a custom solution (higher cost, more control).

Online ordering is no different — it can be expensive to setup and also requires specific knowledge to maintain.


At Trendplate, the aim is to have the best of both worlds:

An affordable, shared platform with enough flexibility to tailor the best end-customer* experience

(*the take-away customer, not Trendplate’s business customers).

In a nutshell, this was our approach:

  • share the costs of a bundled online ordering backend platform and managed service (this is the work you can’t see behind the scenes)
  • create white-labelled or custom online ordering websites and/or apps catered to the brand (this is what the customers see)
  • take a shared risk business model with the client — we take a percentage fee with minimal (or sometimes none) upfront or monthly development costs

With doing the above, we can also speed up the process to get online ordering setup for your business.


By using a shared platform like Trendplate, the steps of setting up online ordering is below

For the purpose of explaining our process we’ve also included the skipped steps. These steps are heavily summarised and may be different to other software development / online ordering solutions.

  • Required step 1: Gather your menu, business details, trading hours and learn about your business

The initial step is the learning stage for us. It’s basically getting everything we need to know so that we can execute an online ordering solution that’s unique to your cuisine, customers, business and brand.

We also go over pre-requisites (an internet connection and device — tablet or phone) to make sure you’re prepared.

  • Optional step 2: If we identify any gaps between your business and what’s required for an online ordering solution — we provide guidance on how to fill those gaps.

In most cases this step is utilised so that the online ordering solution is tailored and personalised to your business.

However, if speed is your preference or you don’t have an existing system in place, this step can be optional.

  • Skipped step 3: Scope out an online ordering solution and technical architecture

In majority of cases, the Trendplate shared platform will cover more than the typical online ordering requirements of a take away restaurant.

In a full custom solution, this step is the most time consuming and costly stage.

Even though we have noted this as a skipped step, Trendplate can create a custom solution to work with our shared platform. However, this is more of an enterprise solution, which is out of context of this post).

  • Optional step 4: Customise and create the working demo

If there are any business requirements that aren’t covered by Trendplate or you are building an online ordering app, then we recommend that a demo is built and tested before launch.

  • Required step 5: Launch

We basically confirm and update all your business details from the first stage and get an online ordering system ready to go.


With leveraging our shared platform, we can create online ordering solutions from five steps to two steps (or three, or four depending on your business).

We understand that there can be quite a lot to absorb when setting up an online solution, so if you are interested in online ordering, please contact Trendplate to see how we can help you and your business!


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