Simple Fees

3.5% +30c

per transaction

Minimum 65c transaction fee.
No minimum plans, fees, commitments or contracts.
Australian stores only at this stage. Prices include GST.

Pricing calculator

Prefer to use your own payment gateway?

The following plans are available for those with an online merchant account.

Monthly online ordering revenueMonthly fee per store
$0 - $1000$10
$1001 - $5000$30
$5001 - $10000$50
$10001 - $20000$100 (first store)
+$50 per additional store
$20001+$150 (first store)
+$50 per additional store

Frequently asked questions

How are the online stores built?

The Trendplate team will develop a custom branded online ordering website using our in-house back end.

The customer experience will begin and end with your brand.

What else do I need to get started?

All you need is a tablet or a smartphone with an Internet connection.

If you are using live online orders, we recommend a dedicated tablet.

Download the app on your tablet or smartphone, then contact us to create an account for geting started.

Do you support my current POS system?

Our platform is open to supporting any point of sale system that supports integration.

What is considered a store (or location)?

A store is counted as a physical address.

In the case of mobile stores, such as food trucks, a store is considered as a running location.

For example: If a brand has one truck with multiple location, then that is considered as one store or running location.


Do you run a take-away restaurant or food truck and are interested in an online ordering solution?

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