4 ways we helped a busy take away restaurant with their busy periods

Andrew's Hamburgers is an iconic burger grill in Albert Park and Melbourne, Victoria. To compliment their business, we implemented an online ordering system (using a mobile-friendly website and app).

After a few months, here's some of the ways how online ordering has impacted their business.


1. Provided the regular customers an easier and convenient way to order

The regulars always know what they want - they don't need to read the menu.

They knew how to order and how long they needed to wait. Providing the regulars with a self-serve system added to their convenience.

On the flip side, for the new customers, the app also gave them the opportunity to explore our menu at their own pace.


2. Increased the ability to take more concurrent orders during peak periods

When the store was busy, having 2 staff members (one on the phone, one taking orders) away from the grill was a problem.

People would line up for a while before placing their order and it can be quite tedious trying to place a phone order.

Online ordering didn't necessarily make lining up or phone ordering quicker - it just meant more orders could be placed at the same time.


3. Saved time with processing orders

With an online ordering system, most of the work is done by the customer, not the staff.

All the staff do is prepare the order and give it to the customer when it's ready.

The savings on staff time used for waiting, take the order and process payment far outweighs the small transaction fee that Trendplate charge.


4. Easier to communicate any temporary menu changes

Occasionally, the store will run out of items until the next delivery (usually the next day).

In the case of an item running out, it was simple for the staff to mark an item as unavailable.

Customers we're prevented from making orders for unavailable items, which reduced any chances of errors being made in online orders.



These bonus items don't necessarily relate to the busy periods, however these ended up being some unexpected benefits.

Bonus. Reduced printing costs

Every year, menus would be printed out, which would cost thousands of dollars.

By promoting and pointing customers the app (and website), the need to print annual menus are no longer needed.

Posters and other promotional items are still printed, albeit at a much lower cost.

Bonus. The business had multiple stores - it was simple to apply the same website and app to cater for multiple store.


Do you have a take away store needing some innovation? or simply looking for opportunities to expand without the high setup costs?

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